How To Edit Your Dissertation

Almost every assignment maker out there seems to be overly concerned about writing great academic papers.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. How many of us show the same patience and attach the same importance to skill when editing papers? Not many, I suppose. Now, you do not edit your dissertation just to make sure it is devoid of chance grammatical errors.

Editing is more than proofreading. You check the structure of the paper. You make sure the chapters are sized correctly. And you triple check each resource you have used has been referenced properly.

Dissertation editing help: to take or not to take

There is always some sort of confusion when you look to edit papers. And that’s majorly because your experience with academic paper editing is zilch.

Some believe you should opt away for professional help right away. gives an accurate synopsis of all the scenarios when you should not take a risk and opt for a paper editing service straight away. Read all about it.

Who should you speak to?

This is the second most important thing that you will have to figure out. The first most important thing is obviously to figure out whether or not you need editing consultation in the first place. Here are a few options:

  1. Ask your peers for help
  2. See if your course director has some tips
  3. Speak to a professional dissertation writing and editing service
  4. Take the plunge to yourself

Six out of ten

That is the ratio of students who are not great with sorting out the references section of the paper. If you feel like there’s a lack of application or you do not have the total hang of the trade, just let it be. There is no shame in going for professional help for the first time. And you gradually start learning the art too.

You can proofread

If English is your first language, you can obviously keep the proofreading part of the editing to yourself. This way, you will not just revise the content of the paper. You will also make sure that each sentence is checked for structure and coherence. Proofreading also gives you a quick look into the other aspects of editing – determining form and chapter volumes. Personally, I keep the proofreading to myself when I edit my dissertation.

Language barriers

But proofreading can be extensively daunting if English is not your first language. You may not be aware of nuances of the language. Moreover, the application of vocabulary could vary greatly from one circumstance to the other. For such cases, you should necessarily seek the help of an editor whose first language is English.


Editing a paper is a major deal of work. It is also an integral part of the paper completion. You cannot let a completed paper sit and edit itself. You will have to take few swings here and there. Just make sure that you apply yourself to whatever you are writing on. And that will only happen with proper dissertation writing editing help.