What Limitations Did You Encounter?

There are always going to be plenty of limitations in any kind of dissertation. These will keep you from being able to do everything that you want to in your study. Here are a few of the more common limitations that you might come across as you are writing your paper.

Sample Sizes Are Tough to Figure

In many cases the sample sizes that you have for a study might be rather limited. You might have only gotten access to a certain number of people at a given time or those who are in very specific demographics. You might have also had a tough time with making a sample size as diverse as possible. You might need to discuss this in your dissertation to let people know that you struggled with finding enough people to meet very specific demographics.

Financial Concerns

Financial limitations may also keep you from getting access to certain resources or materials needed to complete a dissertation in the way that you wanted it to. Be open about this and explain how you are aiming to make changes once you have more funds to work with.

Too Many Variables

The numbers of variables that you may come across might be too extensive. These include variables of all sorts relating to physical conditions, environmental points and even the effort that certain people or subjects put into studies. Every variable is different in a variety of ways and can directly impact what can come about. However, it might be tough to figure out how your work is to be organized if things are far too complicated.

People Being Reserved

Many dissertations often entail asking people questions and seeking answers about a variety of topics. You might struggle with trying to get information from some people when trying to get answers from others. This could be frustrating as some are not going to be open with you or willing to talk about certain concepts or topics in an open manner.

You must be prepared for people who are going to be overly reserved. These include people who aren’t ready to be direct or supportive of your work. There are always going to be people out there who are tough to bear with no matter what your work is about. Be willing to talk about how some subjects were not willing to cooperate all the way and talk about possible ways how you could improve upon thisw in the future.

Remember when writing your dissertation that you will typically have to prepare a section that lists all the limitations that you came across. You will have to discuss all of the limitations that you come around while explaining how they influenced your work. This will help to display the effort you have put into your work while also being descriptive of how that work is being handled.