What Would You Change If You Were To Conduct The Study Again?

While you might have found a number of answers and discovered many intriguing points in your research paper, there is always the potential that you might find certain points that you could have changed in your work. These include points that might have made it easier for you to complete your research paper or even certain aspects that would give you a better explanation of your results.

You may be asked when writing a paper about what you would have done if you could have conducted your study for a second time. There are a few strong ideas worth looking into when you are reflecting upon your work and considering what you could have done differently.

What Samples Would You Have Used?

You could talk about the sample size that you used or the samples that you tested or surveyed. You might talk about points like possibly having more samples in the future, having a better variety or even creating a new series of subsets. It helps to discuss how you could have gone about with finding more samples within a certain period of time to find a more accurate or reasonable set of people or subjects to work with.

What Variables Would Have Worked?

Maybe you might have wanted to get some other variables into the mix. Perhaps you might have found some interesting results suggesting that certain variables could play a role in your work. You might have even found some variables that did not make much of an impact. When writing about what you would change, you could talk about using certain variables or replacing old ones with different choices.

How Long Would the Study Have Gone For?

You could consider the amount of time that a study went for as well. Sometimes you might try to get a study to work as quickly as possible to try and find connections or trends. However, there is always the chance that some more definitive or intriguing trends might come about if you keep a study going for a longer period of time.

You can talk about how you could have gotten your study to last for a longer period of time. This could be done to find long-term trends among test subjects or simply to find a larger sample size or a better variety of variables for you to work with.

Would You Change the Thesis?

Don’t forget to look at your thesis statement. You might consider changing the thesis around to work with something more realistic or sensible based on what you feel is right.

You should never regret anything that you have done when you have written your research essay. Still, you should at least consider some of the points that you could have changed when getting the most out of your work.