How Would You Summarize Your Study To A Practitioner In A Few Sentences?

It is often challenging to try and summarize the work you have put into a research study in just a few sentences. There are still a few points that can be utilized to help you get the most out of the summarization process.

Explain What You Are Studying

To start, you have to talk about what you are studying in general. You can use one or two sentences to explain to someone what you were trying to find in your research. Talk about the main objective you have as well as the particular concepts you want to look into.

Talk About the Reasoning

In another sentence, you can talk about why you choose to study a certain concept. You could talk about wanting to expand upon a certain story or how you are trying to find a way how particular people or industries might benefit from your study.

Discuss How You Carried It Out

You should then talk about the particular things that you did in your study. This is to get a clear idea of what was done to find your results.

In your report, you can talk about things like the variables you use, the subjects you analyzed and so forth. You do not have to be overly specific. You only need to talk about the basic types of data and the standard procedures that you utilized. The general goal is to create a smart explanation of how well a study can be run and how different concepts can be introduced.

Mention the Basic Results

You should not have to go too deep into your results. You just have to talk about your results based on what trends you found, anything that surprised you and whatever points stood out the most.

Discuss Implications

The particular implications that you want to highlight could be discussed at the end. Explain in a single sentence if possible how the results of your study could be used in the future based on certain studies and other efforts you want to make.

A Quick Tip

Make sure you read the entire paper that you have written before figuring out how you’re going to explain things to people. You might have to edit a few parts of your paper if you are not fully aware of how you can simplify the work. This is all about making it easier for you to produce a better paper that anyone can understand.

It should only take a few moments for you to summarize your study if you plan what you wish to say properly. As you write your study, think carefully about how you can discuss it in layman’s terms so people who are not familiar with your work can clearly understand whatever it is you are trying to do.