Why Choose This Method?

As you prepare your research paper, you will have to discuss the method you used for conducting a study. You must not only discuss how the study was performed but also why you decided to go in a certain direction with that report. This should give the reader a better idea of where you went with your project and how the information you brought out is to be understood.

What Did You Want to Discover?

The key point about choosing a method is to move closer to understanding your thesis. This includes getting a better and more thorough or accurate answer that could prove your thesis or even shine new lights that you never knew about.

You could talk about how you used a certain method as a means of discovering certain topics or concepts. You might explain that you wanted to get an idea of how many subjects exhibited certain qualities or how people responded to particular variables.

Finding In-Depth Points

There is always the option to talk about the more detailed and in-depth aspects of any kind of topic you wanted to find information on. You could discuss in your methodology that you wanted to learn more about the inner motivations of people if you worked on a qualitative project with more open-ended results being possible.

Meanwhile, you could also talk about specific numerical results if you used a more quantitative research that entails questionnaires with fixed responses, tests where you observe people in controlled environments and so forth. Anything that is detailed and offers a better focus on what you wanted to write about or discuss is always worth talking about.

Exploring Trends

You could also talk about how you use a certain method to find trends in the field you are studying. Such trends can vary and may entail points like what causes people to act the way they do. You could have used a quantitative study to find trends between separate measurements to see if there is a certain pattern worth exploring, for example.

The trends should be relevant to your thesis or question. As you reveal some of the trends you have come across, you will show to the reader how your method worked for you and how it was efficient and suitable for the study you wanted to carry out. This in turn creates a better overall paper all the way through.

Look at what you can do when explaining the reasoning for your research paper method. This helps people to understand the motivation that comes with the paper and how you went about with writing it in a way that fits in well with your desire. This is all about giving you the most out of the work that you are aiming to complete.