What Are Your Findings?

As you write your dissertation, you will have to provide the reader with your findings in as detailed of a manner as possible. There are several things that can be done to help you get your findings to be more visible and easier for people to read. These are points that will have to be applied in the findings section of your paper.

Start With a Summary

The first thing to do is to summarize your findings at the beginning. This gives the reader a clear idea of what you are going to discuss. More specific details can be listed after you summarize your information.

Interpretations Can Work

You should use a series of interpretations in your findings section. An interpretation takes a look at how certain results came about and what types of trends or patterns you could find. This helps to give a clear understanding over whatever you want to discuss.

Any interpretation you establish should be based on certain concepts that you want to introduce. You have to be as specific as possible about what you want to introduce so anything you follow is easy to understand and figure out.

Justify Your Work

The findings can be justified in this part of your dissertation. You don’t have to directly say that your hypothesis was correct. You just have to link the findings with what you introduced and see if there are any trends to spot or any differences in terms of what you might have expected. You can use this justification to fully understand what you have gotten out of your work.

Use Charts If Possible

Try and get your findings organized into a series of charts if possible. Charts make it easier for people to understand what you have found and will also display connections and patterns in your work.

This works best when you have more quantitative information to work with. It also does well if you list specifics on how many subjects were listed in your findings so everything is easier to figure out.

This doesn’t mean that you should repeat the information in your text. Allow the charts to be simple representations of your work while making the connections you find a little more illustrative.

You must keep all the details in your dissertation open and quick for all people to figure out. Be certain when writing your dissertation that your findings are sensible and easy to read.